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A story of authentic, fresh Italian pasta making, where artisanal tradition meets innovation.

The history of the Antonelli family is deeply rooted in Italian culinary tradition. It all began with Mamma Giacomina, an extremely talented cook who had a gift for uniting the typical ingredients of Sardinian and Mediterranean cooking. And, from a very early age, she taught her children, Giovanni and Paola, the culinary art of combining the wonderful flavours, aromas and colours of Italian produce from the land and sea.

In 1984, after working for 40 years as a cook for various famous restaurants along the Roman coastline, Giacomina decided to set up her own artisanal workshop. With the help of her children, they started producing handmade pasta using premium quality ingredients and it was not long before they opened the first F.lli ANTONELLI shop in Rome.

Later, thanks to the advances in Italian technology, the family decided to transform the family-run business into a company with a managerial structure. This led to the establishment of factory, which allowed them to produce industrial volumes of pasta, while still maintaining the high quality of the product intact.

In 1995, the industrial production plant for egg and stuffed pastas was launched. This enabled them to conquer the Roman territory and they became an important haute cuisine supplier of Fiumicino Airport. In 2011, they were also awarded a Diploma in Artisanal Mastery by the Ministry for Artisanal Production.

But the ambitions of the Antonelli family didn’t end here, so they decided to embark on a new project and established a factory to produce ready meals.

This is the story behind the founding of the limited company, RISTOPRONTO S.r.l., in 2010.