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Maltagliati pasta strips

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Technical Specification
Product Egg pasta
Country of production Italy
Pasta sheets ingredients Durum wheat semolina, pasteurized fresh egg (28% in the dough), water, salt, preservative: sorbic acid E200.
Other ingredients (for the dusting) Cream of rice
Additives present in the ingredients used Preservative: Sorbic acid E200
Allergen presence YES
Allergen List Gluten, eggs
May contain traces of  /
Cooking time 7-9 minutes
Measures and packaging of articles
Carton box Length: 33cm Width: 31cm Height: 41,5cm Gross weight: 2,5Kg Net product weight: 2,0Kg
Shelf life from delivery 7 days
Maintenance information
Temperature maintenance and transport guaranteed to delivery Fresh >0 <+4°C
Organoleptic characteristics
Color Typical of the product: Straw Yellow
Shape Typical
Smell Pleasant, no abnormal or unpleasant odors or any excessive odors of any kind
Taste Pleasant
Consistency Solid
Appearance Typical
Microbiological characteristics
Microorganisms 30°C <100000 UFG/g
Anaerobic Sulphites reducer <10 UFC/g
Stafilococcus coag + <100 UFC/g
Yeasts and moulds <1000UFC/g
Listeria monocytogenes Absent in 25g
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Nutritional values
Nutritional values per 100g of product
Energy 1193,41 Kj / 285,41 kcal
Fat 2,96 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,86 g
Proteins 11,42 g
Salt 0,79 g

Dusting flour is present as a protective layer of the product to maintain quality during storage. The indicated net weight does not include the dusting flour.